Co-founder & Business Owner

Hen-Lok Hsieh

Co-founder and Business Owner of Touchwood Asia. With 20+ years working experience on Information Technology and Financial Service. Strong business, financial and technical background/mindset. Result driven and passionate on Information Technology and Business Development. Expertise on business integration/transformation and technical service delivery.

Business Co-owner

Heath Greg Parson

Business Co-owner of Touchwood Asia. He has great experience on oversee the strategic planning and business operations for different business unit. Heath has good vision on business development and management in financial industry. He has helped developing and implementing the business models for Touchwood Asia through out the years.

General Manager

Casper Berman

Casper is the General Manager of Touchwood Asia. He is the group leader who oversee the strategic planning and business operations. Casper is the expertise on exploring the growth opportunities for Business Development team and he will now oversee the business direction for Touchwood Asia.

Human and Resources Business Partner

Claudia Harry

Claudia is the Human and Resources Business Partner of Touchwood Asia and which is responsible for the Human Resources, Financial, Risk and Compliance Management for the team. With substantial knowledge and experience in HR and financial aspect in financial management and trading companies, Claudia assist Touchwood Asia's Business Leader to lead the HR and Compliance team to deliver the business goal and analyze the risk in different area.

Technology Partner

Ian P Harry

Partner of the group. Technology Solution and Development Lead for the team. The technologist got rich experience on software and system development. Result-driven and got good domain knowledge on technical and software development.

Community Support

Patrick Fung

Patrick is the important person who has driven business growth for Touchwood Asia in the past years. He is known for his expertise on business and technology solution development for different business model. He was the board member for Touchwood Asia before and he is continue serving as the community support for Technology Development Team.