Focused Data Crawling Solution

By applying our knowledge on using the Google Enterprise Search and Elasticsearch solution, we aim to help our customers to perform the focused crawling on the structured data and which helping our customers to narrow the scope and capture the desirable information.

Mutual Fund System Analytics

We provide the solution for quick access on the mutual fund information and perform the system analytics on the fund info. The scenario of the analytics could be fine tuned based on customers' expectation. Reference link from Nasdaq: MFQS and MFDS

Financial System Development

Provide the reliable solution for our investors to manage the assets and support the rapid growth of the market. We adopt the asset, compliance requirements, due diligence and investment policies in our hedge fund management system and follow the regulatory requirement like AIFMD for EU market. And we we helped our customers to develop the private equity portfolio management system to well manage the investor's expectation, solution management, workflow process and monitoring and back office operation. Please feel free to contact us for more detail.

Enterprise Monitoring Solution

We provide the customized monitoring solution for the stock market information (e,g, Nasdaq,LSE,etc) finanical data or other speific information from our data crawling solution. We will consolidate and analzye the information and create the graphical dashboard, workflow or alert based on user's requirement.